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Annual health check 2021
On October 2, 2021, Motolube (Thailand) Co., Ltd. organized an employee health check-up activity within the company. In order for employees to know the condition of the completeness of their own bodies and to help employees prevent and cure sickness that could happen The important thing is... Health checks can also reduce severity. And help reduce the mortality rate from some diseases as well, if there is timely treatment. Because the company realizes the importance of having good physical health. Mental health will also be good. Employees will be able to work and develop work. more fully and more efficiently
Fire drills and fire evacuation drills in 2020
Fire drills and fire evacuation drills in 2020
Seminar 2019
Motolube Letí s Move 2018
Fire drills and fire evacuation drills in 2019
New Year Party 2019
Motolube Letís Move 2018
Charity Golf Tournament for the Royal Cup
Together.We Are Stronger
Worship ceremony for the establishment of the Pra Phum at the warehouse
Motolube Letí s Move 2017
Motolube Letí s Move 2017
Motolube On the Beach
oll for one for oll
Motolube Letí s Move 2016
Motolube Letí s Move 2016
Motolube Letí s Move 2017
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Cereclor Corporation (THAILAND) Co.,Ltd. was established in 1997 as a manufacturer and supplier lubricants. Our own plant and  laboratory located at Khao Yoy, Petchburi province on 7 rais area that have many facilities for production process. With good qualities  of raw materials,we are confident our high quality products with reasonable price and rapid transport including excellent service support will also satisfy our customers.   We have efficient sales representatives and technical service team who can recommend the appropriate  products for working applications,  suggest and solve the problem to ensure that our customers will enjoy our products and use the correct products to the correct applications.  With realization about the environmental effects that have much significance, our products are also  friendly with the environment. We have  complete product treatment and recycle program to minimize waste as possible




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